Speed Contest or Exhibition in Utah

What is a Speed Contest or Exhibition?

A speed contest in Utah can result in a year in jail.
Speed contest charges?

If you’ve heard of street racing or seen movies like The Fast and the Furious then you have a good idea of what a speed contest or speed exhibition is. Basically, if someone is on a public highway — which is basically any road, whether paved and in the city or just a dirt road out in the country, that is open for use by the public — and that person by himself wants to show off to onlookers how fast his new car can go or challenges another individual or individuals to a race, that is sufficient to constitute this crime.

As far a traffic offenses go, this is one of the most serious because it constitutes a class A misdemeanor and carries with it up to a year in jail. The main reason why the penalties are so serious for this type of traffic crime is because of the potential for causing human injury and death.

Additionally, our experience has been that in many of these types of situations when people are engaging in street racing or exhibition, they are often times impaired or have above the legal limit of alcohol in their blood, which can also add a DUI charge on top of everything else.

Collateral Consequences of a Speed Contest Conviction

The criminal consequences of receiving a speed contest conviction is only half of it. If you receive this type of conviction you are also looking at losing your driver’s license for 60 days on a first offense and 90 days on a second offense. Once someone is convicted the court is required by statute to send a copy of the conviction to the Utah Driver’s License Division. As soon as the DLD receives the copy of the conviction the license is suspended.

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