What is considered an Extreme DUI in Utah

What exactly is an Extreme DUI in Utah?

An extreme DUI in Utah is determined by statute. Specifically, effective July 1, 2024, an extreme DUI includes the following:

  • DUIs involving a BAC of .16 or higher;
  • A combination of a BAC at least at .05 and a measureable controlled substance in the driver’s blood;
  • A combination of two or more controlled substances not otherwise prescribed or a recommended cannabis.

There was a time when the statutes were silent on high BAC DUIs and instead left the manner of prosecution in the hands of individual prosecutors. Now, however, courts are required to punish extreme DUIs in very specific manners.

What exactly is considered a high BAC DUI in Utah?
The more you drink, the higher your BAC.

Why Does Matter If It Is An Extreme DUI?

How high your BAC is matters for several reasons. For example, with an extreme DUI prosecutors are much less likely to be willing to negotiate with you. Additionally, statutorily there are greater penalties for those with a BAC of .16 or above. Those sanctions must include the following:

  • At least five days of jail or two days of jail with 30 days of home confinement;
  • Ignition interlock device installed in your car;
  • Pay a $700 fine;
  • Participate in a screening, assessment, and educational series;
  • Supervised probation;
  • An order to pay towing and storage fees for your vehicle;

In addition to the statutorily required increased sanctions, a higher BAC is likely to cause the judge to exercise his discretion to impose additional penalties including awarding an increased amount of jail time. Many judges will award 48 hours of community service for a first time DUI, but for an extreme DUI that is not an option for a judge. Further, the judge can order you to participate in a 24/7 monitoring program and a substance abuse treatment.

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