Utah Child Support Modification

Child Support in Utah is based on statutory guidelines that calculate the amount a parties owes based on their respective gross income. In today’s economy, however, incomes are less stable and a parties gross income is subject to change. A reduction in income could cause financial problems, if an unrealistically high child support payment is still being required. Fortunately, Utah laws allow for modification of child support, but it is a complicated system. Not only must you be sure that you meet the requirements for modification but you must also decide whether or not your situation requires a Motion to Modify Child Support or a Petition to Modify Child Support.

Not Paying Child Support, When it Could be Modified

Not only can the system be confusing, but it can also cause significant problems in the future if you don’t make the right decisions now. Many parties that are required to pay child support simply stop making the payments when they are laid off or lose their job. Not making child support payments can cause legal and financial repercussions down the road, which is especially unfortunate when Utah laws allow for modification.

Child Support Problems? Get an Attorney.

If you find yourself in a financial bind and need to look into the possibility of Child Support Modification, don’t get caught up in the complexities of Utah laws. The Lawyers at Salcido Law Firm are experienced Family Law attorneys that can make the process quick and easy, and can save you money in the long run.

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