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Speak with a Tooele County Utah Criminal Defense Attorney today at our law office. Located just west of the Salt Lake Valley, Tooele and its surrounding areas cover a large portion of the western Utah desert. When charged with a crime in this area, it is important to have representation from a team of lawyers with experience in the local Tooele courts. While our main office sits in the Salt Lake area, we frequently represent clients in Tooele, Grantsville, and even as far west as Wendover. We know how the particular courts in these areas operate and provide effective defense representation to our clients no matter the severity of the charges they may be facing. You may be charged with a crime such as domestic violence, DUI, retail theft, or something more severe such as burglary, aggravated assault, or other felony crimes. No matter your particular situation, we can help.

Frequent Police Stops on I-80 Through Tooele County

I-80 runs through Tooele County and is a favorite spot for the Utah Highway Patrol to pull over individuals travelling along the freeway between Wendover and Salt Lake. Interstate 80 is a highly travelled road for out of stators often travelling between California and Colorado. You can bet highway patrolmen are looking to pull over any out of stators on this route for any number of reasons hoping to find marijuana or other evidence of drug possession and distribution. We receive numerous calls each month in which individuals have been pulled over, often they are from out of state, for minor traffic violations and then search for drugs. We have also represented many client in forfeiture proceedings after their rights were infringed and the money taken despite no evidence of a crime being committed. If you were pulled over along I-80 in Tooele County, Utah, contact a member of our team now.

Tooele County Courts

There are a handful of courts in which a person may find themselves if charged with a crime in Tooele County. Below is a list of the Tooele courts with their respective contact information:

Third District Court – Tooele
74 S. 100 East, Suite 14
Tooele, UT  84074
(435) 833-8000
Tooele Valley Justice Court
74 S 100 E Ste 12
Tooele, UT  84074
(435) 843-3230
Grantsville Justice Court
429 East Main
Grantsville, UT  84029
(435) 884-6271
Stockton Justice Court
P.O. Box 240
Stockton, UT  84071
(435) 882-3877
Tooele County Justice Court – Wendover Precinct
920 East Wendover Blvd.
P.O. Box 665
Wendover, UT  84083
(435) 665-7000

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