The Uncontested Divorce

No Fights Included

In some circumstances both parties actually see eye to eye in their divorce. When this happens the process becomes much easier, and much more cost effective. By agreeing on the terms of a divorce a party can essentially take the court out of the process by drafting the terms of the split themselves and just getting the court to sign off on things. The benefits of the uncontested divorce are obvious and it can save time and money, but unfortunately agreeing on things is easier said than done. A lot of individuals however don’t even consider the option of an uncontested divorce because they feel like they have to fight it out, when in reality they actually agree on the terms of the divorce, this is often the case when there are no children involved.

The Uncontested Process

If the spouses do agree on the terms of the marriage or there is basically nothing to agree on (no assets, no children). Then the process is basically just getting paperwork filed and getting the courts signature. Although some parties try and file for an uncontested divorce themselves without the help of an attorney that paperwork is usually done incorrectly and ends up costing more money in the long run. Although an uncontested divorce is simpler it is not necessarily self-explaining.

Utah Divorce Attorney

At Salcido Law Firm, our attorneys explore all the possible options for our clients and they make sure that the quickest and most cost effective route is taken. If your are considering a divorce then call us today, we offer free consultations and we will help you understand what you are getting into before any money exchanges hands. Divorce is often a tough process and can be emotionally taxing, don’t try and take the load all on your own when you could get competent legal help. 801.618.1331

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