The New Spice In Utah?

New Spice-like Drug May Be Subject to New Utah Law

People are ingenious in so many different ways.  Humans have made incredible things to meet their wants and needs.  Drugs are no exception.  People have been finding plants and making chemicals for thousands of years to make them high.  Different drugs have been popular at different times throughout history until a new drug is found or society has decided that the drug is bad and outlawed its consumption.  But because people are so creative and inventive, they continually find new ways to get high.  When the drug becomes popular, state legislatures will often step in and pass a law banning the substance.

Spice in Utah was a popular drug for only a short amount of time until cities and then the state stepped in to outlaw the substance.  Spice is a synthetic substance that when smoked, creates a high similar to one created by marijuana.  The drug was sold in gas stations and smoke shops, so essentially, it was everywhere until the Utah State Legislature outlawed it during this years legislative session.  If caught with Spice now, a person will need to contact a Utah criminal defense lawyer to help with the criminal charge.

Potpourii Is Similar to Marijuana

With spice being banned, it was only a matter of time until people found a new way to get high.  KSL reports today that a new substance that creates a high similar to marijuana is being sold by smoke shops throughout the Wasatch Front.  The substance is called “Potpourii.”

Potpourii is very similar to Spice.  It is packaged in similar packaging and looks like the plant like substance of Spice.  When smoked, Potpourii is supposed to produce a high much like Spice does.  The sponsor of the law that outlawed Spice is confident that it outlaws Potpourii as well.  Several police agencies, such as Salt Lake Police Department, are looking in to Potpourii and it is probably just a matter of time before individuals are prosecuted for possession of a controlled substance when they have Potpourii on them.

Potpourii Drug Charges Are Defended by Utah Defender Lawyers

It is probably best for you not to smoke Potpourii since it is likely you could be prosecuted for having it.  If you are cited for Potpourii, Spice, or any other drug possession though, call a Utah criminal defense lawyer from Salt Lake based Salcido Law Firm.  A Salcido Law Firm criminal defense lawyer will fight hard to protect you rights and help you to receive the best outcome of your criminal charge.  Call 801.618.1334 today to speak with a Utah criminal defense lawyer about your case.

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