Temporary Orders in Utah Family Law Matters

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If you are going through a divorce or are involved in another family law matter such as a custody dispute, you do not have to wait for a final order or judgment from the court to secure your family rights. A temporary order from a Utah Judge can give you immediate protection and ground rules for the pending matter. A divorce or parentage proceeding can take several months or in some cases years before a final order or jugment is obtained. In some family law matters, it may be necessary to seek expedited relief to ensure children are properly taken care of.

You have options. A Utah Divorce Lawyer or Utah Family Law Attorney at Salcido Law Firm can represent you in getting the immediate relief and protection you require while your divorce or other family law matter is pending. Our Attorneys are experienced in seeking temporary orders on behalf of individuals and their families involved in these tough and often long disputes.

Common Requests in Temporary Orders

In a motion for temporary orders brought by our Utah Divorce and Family Lawyers, we have often included such common requests as temporary custody, temporary parent-time, temporary spousal support, temporary property distribution, and even temporary attorneys fees to help you pay for the cost of litigation. Because of the time it often takes to see a divorce through to a final resolution, temporary orders are a common tool often utilized by our aggressive Utah Divorce Lawyers.

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