Teens Arrested in Sandy After Tweeting About Smoking Pot

Sandy City Police arrested two 13 year old girls after they tweeted about going to an 18 year old house to smoke pot. The police were tipped off by a parent who looked through one of the girls cell phones and discovered the tweets about doing drugs at an older boy’s house. Unfortunately, we see many cases involving twitter and facebook posts as evidence used by police to suggest criminal activity, especially drug activity. In this particular case, the officers went first to the girl’s school and found marijuana in her locker. The police also searched her bedroom at her house and found a small amount of marijuana in her room. Additionally, the police used the girls cell phone to send text messages to the 18 year old boy and arranged a time to buy weed from the young man. The police arrested the 18 year old for drug paraphernalia, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and possession of cigarettes. While the 13 year old girl is in some trouble for her charges, the 18 year old boy is facing more charges and more severed charges, not to mention he is 18 so this would be an adult charge and potentially follow him around for a while. The police also stated they found a scale on the teenage boy so there is a question of whether or not he may be charged with drug distribution.

Salt Lake Criminal Defense Lawyer

We represent a lot of younger individuals charged with marijuana charges in Utah and we have seen many kids charged after sending a text message or posting something they shouldn’t on a social network. Whether you are charged with marijuana possession, spice, tobacco use, minor consumption of alcohol, or anything else, we can help. Meeting with a Salt Lake Criminal Defense Lawyer at Salcido Law Firm can mean all the difference in the outcome of your case. There is so much on the line for young kids who are charged with smoking pot including the suspension of their driver’s license for a potentially long period of time. Utah Juvenile Defense Attorney at our office will do everything to ensure you get a fair shake in the system.

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