Should I Do My Divorce Online?

Utah Divorce Lawyer – Online Divorce

Utah has a high percentage of individuals who choose to prepare their divorce forms by filing online. Unfortunately, many of these people find out later that their divorce decree contains serious flaws or mistakes that could have been avoided had they consulted an experienced Utah Divorce Lawyer prior to choosing to proceed through online divorce forms. While there are some pros to the court’s online system, there are many cons which often outweigh the benefits.

Pros of Online Divorce in Utah

In Utah, some married couples who have agreed on all the issues in their divorce can use the court’s online divorce system to generate paperwork they can file for divorce. This system allows for uncontested divorces to be filed for a relatively cheap fee and can save time in some cases. Simple divorces with no children, property, or other substantial issues are particularly well suited for the court’s online divorce system. It is not recommended for cases involving complex custody arrangements, real property issues, or cases involving any kind of abuse.

Cons to the Online Divorce System

Divorce is difficult enough for most individuals without having to figure out how to navigate a court process alone. Even though some individuals qualify to proceed online, it can still be a difficult process to navigate without a legal advocate experienced in the Utah divorce process.

Not everyone can file for their divorce online. Parties with more than 6 children are not able to use the system because it only allows for up to 6 children to be entered into the paperwork. Also, parties who do not agree on all the issues in the divorce can’t use the online court divorce program and should definitely consult an attorney.

We Take On the Burden

Many clients often come to our office after they have filed for divorce online and have received a divorce decree because of problems arising post divorce. In some cases the client has made serious mistakes in the divorce paperwork online that have resulted in unforeseen and sometimes unfixable problems. Often, these clients end up having to spend more time and money trying to modify their divorce decree than they would have if they would have hired an Utah Divorce Attorney from the very beginning. You wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself; you shouldn’t represent yourself simply as a means of saving money, especially when Salcido Law Firm offers such an affordable fee for an uncontested divorce in Utah.

Many people falsely believe it is simply easier to file for divorce online than it is to get an attorney. This is simply not true, if you us, we take on all of the work so you don’t have to do anything. Let us take the burden off your shoulders and give you peace of mind.

Salcido Law Firm – Affordable and Quicker Than Online Divorce

At Salcido Law Firm, we have represented numerous individuals through the difficult process of an uncontested divorce in Utah. We offer fixed fees for uncontested divorces, you save money. We make sure we get your divorce done right the first time and we do it in a very timely manner. Don’t take any chances with something as important as your divorce decree. Call us today at anytime 24/7, 801.618.1331.

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