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A Sevier County Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer at our office can defend you when charged with any number of crimes, from DUI and marijuana possession to drug distribution and any felony, we can help. Our team of Utah Criminal Attorneys will fight for you in often prejudicial system. We receive numerous calls every week from individuals charged in Sevier County with a serious drug or alcohol charge after a minor traffic stop. A major highway route runs through this county in which many people travel each year between California and Colorado. It seems the Utah Highway Patrol on I-70 and other highways throughout the state of Utah pull over many travelers from California and Colorado. In some cases, the reason a person is pulled over may be suspect. Everyone knows the marijuana laws in California and Colorado are far more relaxed and highway patrolmen may pull over suspected drivers believing for one reason or another they may find marijuana in the vehicle. We call this a pretext stop and you have rights against such conduct by law enforcement.

In many cases, the arresting officer or trooper does not have probably cause to make a stop or to do a search of a vehicle. In these cases, we can often have evidence suppressed and sometimes the case dismissed all together. If you feel you were pulled over just because you were a resident of a “marijuana state,” or that the officer though you were a “pot head,” you should call 801.618.1334.

Richfield Utah Attorney

A Richfield Utah Attorney at Salcido Law Firm will protect your rights when you have been charged with a serious offense. Richfield is the main city in Sevier County and we see many cases filed in Richfield every year. If you are charged with a crime in this county you will likely have to appear in court in Richfield. If you hire Salcido Law Firm, we may be able to waive your appearance and appear on your behalf. This is especially helpful for out of state residents who were cited while only passing through the area and cannot come back to Richfield for a hearing. One of the first things we do in a case is to get all the evidence which may include a dash cam video. Often a dash cam video helps in your case because it may prove the officers did not follow proper process or clear up an inconsistency in an officer’s report. We leave no stone unturned in seeking every possibility of your defense.

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Don’t take any chances with a marijuana charge or other offense in Richfield, Utah. We offer free consultations over the phone so call right away. We can tell your right over the phone what we think about your case and if you have any good defenses. If you were pulled over for a minor traffic offense and then searched for drugs or cited with a DUI in Richfield Utah, our defense team is here to help.

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