Salt Lake City Man Charged with Murder from 2000

Salt Lake Man Charged with Murder from 2000

David McNeill will have to stand trial. Today, a Third District Court Judge found that probable cause existed for the charge of First Degree Murder against Mr. McNeill at a preliminary hearing. As such, Mr. McNeill must now rely on a jury of his peers or hope for a plea bargain workout with the prosecutor. Mr. McNeill is the man implicated in a 10 year old murder case involving a man who fell over 20 feet from a balcony at apartments in Salt Lake City. In recent weeks, witnesses have come forward to law enforcement agents claiming Mr. McNeill told them first hand that he threw another man over the balcony of an apartment and that he said he would do the same to them if they ever told anybody.

Witness Testimony

Not only did 4 witnesses testify that Mr. McNeill often bragged about killing and getting away with it, but they also testified that he was a known drug dealer. Further testimony was provided that Mr. McNeill often tried to intimidate others by making threats of violence against them. One witnesses testified that Mr. McNeill told him he closed lined the man causing the victim to fall over the balcony. The Defense Lawyer for Mr. McNeill certainly has his work cut out for him as more and more witnesses seem to be coming forward on this matter.

Murder Charges in Utah

Everyone accused of a crime is entitled to certain constitutional rights and protections no matter how heinous the crimes or the accusations against them. At Salcido Law Firm, we are dedicated to these constitutional protections. We have Utah criminal defense attorneys who are qualified under Rule 8 to represent individuals accused of murder and who are facing the death penalty. For more information, speak with a member of our team today. Call 801.618.1334.

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