Recent Study Suggests Divorce Waiting Period

The Second Chance Act

New research suggests that a significant portion of divorces are possibly more salvageable than most presume. A study conducted by Couples on the Brink along with others found that about 40 percent of American couples had one or both parties open to the possibility of reconciliation, and not just idealistic reconciliation. The study stated that one-third of men and one-fifth of women felt their marriages could be saved with hard work. Based on this research a proposal was presented to the U.S. State Legislature entitled Second Chances and one of the big suggestions was that a mandatory waiting period be instituted in order to obtain a divorce. The proposal suggested that a one-year waiting period would reduce the number of separations and family fragmentation which in turn would save tax payers dollars among other things.

Divorce Proceedings

Although the goal of preserving marriage and family unity is a noble one, the methods suggested in this proposal could suffer from a number of flaws. The first issue that such a proposal will likely face is that it may unconstitutionally infringe on peoples rights. With all the same-sex marriage talk there are a lot of issues surrounding marriage and a large number of people are questioning why the government is involved with marriage at all. Another important issue is how successful such a plan would really be if instituted. Most people going through a divorce are already frustrated with the time frame of the courts and an additional waiting period would restrict separating parties from moving on with their life and would likely cause more people to avoid marriage.

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