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A Price Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer at our office can defend you through challenging times ahead in the justice system. Price is the main city located in Carbon County. Each month, many residents of Price, and many others just passing through, are charged with all kinds of things. Sometimes our client’s rights were infringed in the process of a police investigation. Sometimes Carbon County Sheriffs conduct a search without probable cause or warrant. When there is police misconduct, we hold them accountable. No matter what the circumstances, we can help and will work to ensure you get a far shot and the best resolution possible. We defend individuals accused of charges all over the state including Carbon County and Eastern Utah. Price is of course home to the College of Eastern Utah and we get calls from college students and others in the area who have been charged with marijuana citations, DUI, or in some cases serious felonies. No matter what you are facing, one of the Carbon County Criminal Defense Attorneys at Salcido Law Firm can help you get through it. We love taking on tough challenges in the courts and have a unique record of success.

Carbon County Justice Court

The Carbon County Justice Court is where anyone charged with an infraction or lower misdemeanor in the county will find them self in court. The court is located right off Main Street in Price and is where such charges as first time DUI in Utah, domestic violence, retail theft, and other Class C and Class B misdemeanors are tried. We know and understand the courts in Carbon County and can help you through the process. We will be by your side in court every step of the way. For individuals who are not Utah residents or residents of the county, we can often have your appearance at court waived so you do not have to worry about traveling back to Utah or the county for what are often relatively quick hearings. Not all justice courts have the exact same way of doing things so it is important when looking for an Utah Defense Attorney to find someone familiar with the jurisdiction, we have a team with experience in the Carbon County jurisdiction. For more information, or to speak with a lawyer in our law firm at no cost, call immediately. We look forward to your call and taking your defense.

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