Police Investigating Attempted Kidnapping

Kidnapping Attempt Near Trax Station

Last night a 42-year-old woman was leaving the Ballpark Trax Station when a man pulled up in a SUV and offered her a ride. The woman accepted the offer and got into the vehicle. The man propositioned a sexual relationship which the woman refused and the man then began hitting her and threatening her. Originally the man would not let her out of the vehicle but when he stopped for gas the woman was able to escape. Police are now looking for someone that fits this mans description or anyone with more information concerning the incident. This is yet another reminder of the dangers of accepting offers for a ride from strangers.

Utah Kidnapping Laws

Although kidnapping is often portrayed in popular media as adults taking a child for ransom purposes, the reality is that kidnapping is a very broad offense and it basically encompasses any sort of restraining of a person against there will. In fact it doesn’t even require that person be “taken” at all, but instead could be based on a person refusing to allow someone to leave. There are many different motivations for kidnapping, ranging from ransom and bribery to other crimes like sex or violent crimes.

Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

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