Persons of Interest Named in Murder Case

Millerbergs Could be Responsible in Rasmussen Case

Utah media has been swarming for weeks over the disappearance and later the apparent murder of Alexis Rasmussen from Ogden, Utah. Authorities are currently investigating Rasmussen’s death, who was last known to be babysitting at the home of Eric and Dea Millerberg. The Millerberg’s, who have since been picked up on parole violations, are no strangers to the court and each has a long history of criminal behavior. Today investigators admitted that the Millerbergs were “persons of interest” in relation to the murder investigation. This announcement however doesn’t come as much of a surprise and is really not much of a shock; however, because the Millerbergs were the last people to see Rasmussen alive, not to mention their criminal backgrounds.

Utah Murder Laws

Obviously, if the Millerbergs are charged for the murder of Rasmussen they will be facing the most serious charges they have ever faced, because there aren’t really any charges more serious than murder. In Utah, as well as most states, murder is split up into different degrees depending mostly on the mental state of the accused. If the accused was acting maliciously and intentionally when they caused the death of another then they will be facing the most severe charge in the homicide family, that of murder. On the other hand if the accused was acting with criminal negligence when they caused the death of another they will be facing a charge of Negligent Homicide. The other crimes that fall under the homicide umbrella are manslaughter and automobile homicide.

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