Paternity Actions and Custody

When a person comes in to meet with a divorce attorney they usually only have results in mind, they’re not sure how to get from Point A to Point B but they at least know what Point B is. A common scenario is with custody, often times after a big fight with their ex or some other similar situation a person finally decides that they want out of the relationship and they want to take the kids with them. If the couple is married then the path is pretty well know, they will need to file a divorce; however, if they are not married then things are a little different and not as clear for most people.

The Breakup of Unmarried Couples

If a couple is not married and they break up then the law isn’t really all too concerned, unless they have kids. The first thing to be sure of is whether or not parental rights have properly been established for the father of the children. If the father’s name appears on the birth certificate then he is presumed the father in the eyes of the law, if he is not then he will need to go through DNA testing to confirm that he is the father. The process of establishing parental rights and deciding who will have custody of the children after an umarried couple breaks up is called a Paternity action and it is very similar to a divorce without the marriage. A Paternity action will determine who are the parents of the children and decide custody and child support.

Utah Family Law Attorney | Paternity Actions

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