Out of State Medical Marijuana Licenses Not Recognized by Utah

Be Careful When Driving Through Utah

At Salcido Law Firm our criminal defense attorneys represent individuals from all over the United States who have been charged with drug possession in Utah.  This usually occurs when someone is driving through Utah and violates a minor traffic offense.  The Utah law enforcement officer will pull the individual over adn then undoubtedly find a reason to search the car.

Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Matter in Utah

Utah Highway Patrol targets out of state cars, especially California and Colorado, because those states permit medical marijuana.  Utah Highway Patrol troopers know this and target such license plates.  A lot of people from California and Colorado have medical marijuana licenses, but when a Utah law enforcement officer finds marijuana in the possession of such people, they get cited with illegal drug possession.

People always assume that because they have a medical marijuana license that they have nothing to worry about and can get the charges dismissed by simply telling the prosecutor that they have a right to possess the marijuana in their home states.  Unfortunately, Utah prosecutors will not dismiss such cases for such reasons.

What does the Future Hold in Utah?

Utah Criminal defense attorneys like those at Salcido Law Firm are working hard to challenge marijuana possession cases where the defendant has a valid prescription from another state.  There are constitutional issues that arise in such cases and hopefully a good judge will find that it is unconstitutional to not recognize a valid prescription from another state.  Marijuana prescriptions should be treated the same as other prescriptions.  Otherwise, Utah could refuse to recognize a prescription for pain killers or asthma.

We Drug Crimes Defense Lawyers

If you have been charged with marijuana possession in Utah and have a valid medical marijuana license from another state, contact our law firm to challenge your charges.  We can be reached 24/7.  801.618.1334.

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