New Year’s Eve DUI Blitzes Net Several Arrests

Every New Year’s Eve, Utah Highway Patrol and various local agencies are on the prowl for DUI stops. This year was no different. DUI blitzes conducted all across the state of Utah brought in several DUI arrests. Last year Utah Highway Patrol arrested at least 30 people for DUIs on New Year’s Eve in Salt Lake County, this year they reported 24. So the numbers were down a little bit but it was still a busy night for UHP. Several more DUIs were handed out across the state by local sheriff’s offices and local police departments. Total, UHP pulled over more than 178 drivers in Salt Lake County and more charges were handed out than just DUI charges alone. Several drug related charges were issued including one major marijuana transportation bust. The total numbers for Highway Patrol across the state was not yet available but last year there were 72 DUI charges given state wide on NYE alone. Unfortunately, at least one of the DUIs reported in Salt Lake County involved an accident. The driver was not seriously injured but may be facing enhanced DUI charges due to the accident involved.

DUI Charges in Utah

DUI charges in Utah carry the potential for significant penalties. Anyone charged with this or a related crime should have legal representation. At Salcido Law Firm our team of Salt Lake City DUI Defense Lawyers can help get you through a difficult situation. Understanding the penalties and reality of what you are facing is key to getting through a DUI charge in the best possible way. Many people don’t realize their license can be automatically suspended for a period of time following a DUI unless they take certain actions for a hearing with the Driver’s License Division. Come in and meet with us or get a free consultation over the phone. Even if you think you cannot afford to hire a DUI Attorney in Utah, you should at least get advice and get pointed in the right direction.

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