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Unfortunately, for many people, a divorce decree entered by the court does not mean the end of all problems related to their divorce or the end of all conflict with a former spouse. In many cases, especially those cases involving hotly contested custody battles and cases where alimony was awarded, future problems arise that may require a person to go back to court for help. Perhaps your former spouse isn’t paying you the alimony granted by the court, or maybe your spouse is denying you court ordered parent time. In these cases, it is helpful to get a team of Utah Divorce Lawyers on your side to help you enforce what has already been ordered by the court.

At Salcido Law Firm, we can help you through the difficult process of enforcing your decree and protecting you from the unlawful acts of the other side. When you hire our team, you get dedicated lawyers who will not let you be bullied or intimidated by empty threats from the other side.

Order to Show Cause

At our law firm, our lawyers have helped many individuals enforce their divorce decree through the process of an Order to Show Cause (OSC). An OSC is the process in which a person asks the court to require the other party to appear in court and justify why they are not following the divorce decree or other family court order. If the other party is unable to justify their actions, the court can issue a judgment, hold the party in contempt, issue sanctions, and provide you with other justifiable relief.

If the other party has been properly served and refuses to appear in court, the court will likely grant your requests and hold the other party in contempt. Individuals who fail to comply with court orders may be jailed or face other harsh penalties.

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If you need help in enforcing a divorce decree or other family law related order of the court, we can help. We have represented numerous individuals in seeking justice from the court against a former spouse who has failed to follow a court order. For more information, call and speak with one of our Utah Family Law Attorneys today by calling 801.618.1331. Call us anytime or simply send us an email one of our lawyers will call you back as soon as possible.

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