Fathers Rights in Utah Divorce

What are a Father’s Rights in a Utah Divorce?

Many men who are going through a divorce in Utah have concerns about what their rights are with regards to such things as alimony (spousal support), child custody, and child support. Many fathers have serious concerns that they will be taken advantage of in the system and that the courts generally favor women in regards to some issues. These concerns should be addressed with a Utah divorce lawyer who understands the system and can not only advise you, but will formulate a game plan tailored to your goals as a father. At our law firm, we have protected many fathers’ rights and helped them through the difficult process of divorce.

Child Custody – What are your rights?

Some men mistakenly believe they will lose a significant amount of time with their children following the divorce because the courts favor mothers over fathers when making a determination of custody. This is not true in every case. In fact, if you are looking for a joint custody arrangement; or if you are looking to have sole custody, you may be able to achieve these goals based on the particular circumstances of your case. Speak with a one of the Salt Lake child custody lawyers in our office now to find out more.

Child Support

Women are not exempt from paying child support. Some of our clients believe they will be paying child support just because they are the father. This is not necessarily true. Child support is based on the custody arrangement, the income of both parties, and the number of children. Thus, in many cases, the mother actually pays child support to the man. Do not be fooled by all the misinformation out there on this topic. Contact us to learn more, we can even usually give you a child support estimate based on the information you provide us right over the phone.


Alimony can be a tough pill to swallow. However, the alimony laws in Utah have changed substantially over the past few years. Courts seem to be less willing to grant the overbearing alimony awards that they once were accustom to. Additionally, similar to child support, alimony can be awarded to either party and a good family law attorney in Utah can help you make your case as the man in the relationship.

Salcido Law Firm – Representing Dad’s Rights

We do not discriminate in the types of parties we represent. We have helped numerous dads protect their rights with their children and succeed in their divorce. Do not get taken advantage of in the system. Speak with a Provo, Salt Lake Divorce Attorney today by calling anytime at 801.618.1331. We look forward to your call.

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