Duchesne Schools Starting Drug Testing

The Duchesne County School Board has approved random drug testing for students that are participating in extracurricular activities and those kids whose parents opt them in to the program. The school board says that they want to use this drug testing as deterrent, and those testing positive could face a two-week suspension on the first offense. Even more detrimental obviously will be the legal ramifications because the school will be sharing the results with the police. Such juvenile charges could involve loss of driving privileges, community service, and detention. Although the schools can justify this infringement on privacy because students have to in essence opt into the program by choosing to participate in extracurricular activities it is a shame that students will have to make a decision between giving up their rights and liberty to be able to enjoy things like sports and other extracurricular activities.

Juvenile Crimes in Utah

Along with possession of drugs, another serious crime in Utah for juveniles is Unlawful Consumption, or Minor in Possession of Alcohol. The law in Utah is refered to as the “not-a-drop” rule, and it includes the possession, consumption or purchasing of alcohol. One of the best defenses to most of these cases is that the search or seizure that produced the evidence was unlawful and unconstitutional.

Utah Criminal Defense Attorney | Juvenile Crimes

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