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As a Utah Divorce Attorney, we handle many cases each year involving Domestic Violence as part of the divorce, custody dispute, separation, or other legal action. In some instances one spouse has been physically abused by the other and has sustained serious injuries throughout the marriage. Other cases we have handled involve an out of control spouse who never was physically abusive but nonetheless committed domestic violence by making threats of physical harm or destroying property and losing their temper. In very sad cases, children are somehow wrapped up in the domestic violence. Often children are witnesses to violent or inappropriate behavior of their parents. Domestic violence in the presence of a child is a more common criminal charge in this state than many people realize. Additionally, we have represented some individuals in cases where the other party has lied about abuse in order to try and advance their position in the court system. We understand that not everyone accused of domestic violence may actually be guilty. Whatever the case may be, we can help represent you in a difficult family law situation involving complex matters of abuse or fraud.

Protective Orders in Utah

If you or someone you know is involved in a divorce and has been harmed or threatened with harm by a soon to be ex, that person needs to be aware of the many resources available to keep them safe including protective orders in Utah. The courts and law enforcement take protective orders very seriously and violation of a protective order can result in a class A misdemeanor or possibly even a felony under some circumstances. Protective orders are generally not difficult to file for and some pro bono services can even step in and help in some cases.

Consult with a Salt Lake Divorce Lawyer

Consulting with a Salt Lake Divorce Lawyer can help to ensure you take appropriate steps when domestic violence is involved. At our law firm, we provide free phone consultations and can help you get started on the right foot. After speaking with a family law attorney at Salcido Law Firm, you can make an informed decision on how to proceed in your case and what options to pursue for your protection or in your defense. Call us anytime for more information.

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