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Many people in Utah attempt to represent themselves in divorce and other family law cases. This is not always a good idea. In fact, this is often a bad idea and leads to added time, expense, and problems that all could have been avoided if competent legal representation was obtained. It has often been said that a person who represents him/herself has a fool for a client. If you are considering representing yourself in a divorce, you should at least speak with one of our lawyers before you do anything. Our consultations are free. We save clients time, money, and headache, by handling the entire divorce process for you.

The Utah Divorce Legal Process

One of the biggest challenges faced by unrepresented people is the lack of understanding and experience in the courts. Without an understanding of the complex procedure and process of the Utah Divorce System, clients can become lost. This often leads to missed deadlines and court requirements that can have serious consequences on your case. There is a reason why attorneys have to go through a mountain of education and other requirements to be licensed. Take advantage of our education and experience. Let us guide you through these difficult times.

Doing Your Divorce Online

In Utah, some people qualify to have their divorce paperwork prepared online. This online divorce system is offered to individuals who have agreed on all the issues in their divorce and simply need to file the appropriate paperwork. At Salcido Law Firm, we strongly recommend that every individual filing for divorce at least speak with an attorney prior to filing. This can often prevent errors in your paperwork. We offer free consultations and provide document review services.  .

Mistakes From Filing Pro Se

There common mistakes made by individuals who represent themselves in a divorce. We often have clients hire us after a divorce has been granted and future problems have arisen that could have been avoided. For instance, many pro se litigants are not aware of all the issues that may need to be resolved in a divorce; the parties may have addressed the custody issues but failed to address certain assets or debts. Seeking a modification to your divorce decree can be difficult in cases where your only excuse for wanting to make a change is based on your lack of knowledge at the time the divorce decree was entered. We have represented numerous individuals in divorce modifications. We have also helped numerous individuals avoid the need for modifications all together.

Speak with A Utah Divorce Lawyer Today – FREE

At Salcido Law Firm, our team of Utah Divorce Lawyers can help you through a contested divorce, uncontested divorce, or can at least get started on the right road if you wish to represent yourself. Before you do anything in your divorce, get sound legal advice. Call us today at 801.618.1331.

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