Divorce Lawyer for High Net Worth Clients in Utah

Safeguarding Your Property

One of the major problems with divorce in Utah for high net worth individuals and families is that all of the property accumulated over the course of a marriage is subject to equitable distribution.  This means that all marital property is fair game for distribution.  Neither the husband nor the wife have any advantage over the other and the primary bread winner does not have any advantage either.  The standard is “equity” which means the court can do whatever it believes to be fair.

In determining what is fair the court can look to a multitude of factors including whether one or both parties is at fault and if so who is more at fault.  At fault divorce can be shown if there was domestic violence involved in the relationship, substance abuse, other criminal activity, and adultery.

Our Utah divorce lawyers work extremely hard to safeguard the marital property that you are entitled to.  We dig into your case to determine whether your spouse is at fault, and if you are at fault we diligently strive to mitigate your exposure to a one-sided property judgment.  There is no sense spending a bulk of your marital assets on your divorce case.  For that reason we also do everything we can to reach an amicable settlement with your spouse so that each of you can minimize your legal fees and move on with your life with enough assets to take care of yourself.

Determining the Martial Estate’s Value

For divorces involving large amount of property and other assets we recommend engaging a forensic accountant to analyze the marital estate’s assets and liabilities to determine the net worth of the marital estate.  Once that value is determined it becomes much easier to make offers of settlement and to otherwise settle the divorce case.

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