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At Salcido Law Firm PLLC our experienced criminal defense lawyers do everything possible to get the best result for our clients. Most criminal cases result in a plea agreement. The remainder go to trial.  Whether you are interested in a plea agreement or going to trial we will fight hard for you. Call us at 801.413.1753 to find out how we can help you.

The Diversion Agreement

One of the best things your attorney can get for you is a diversion agreement.  A diversion agreement is an agreement between you and the prosecutor wherein the prosecutor agrees to cease prosecution of your criminal case for a period of time in order to allow you to complete certain terms requested by the prosecutor.  If you successfully complete those terms, the case will be dismissed.

A diversion agreement is different from a plea in abeyance.  A plea in abeyance agreement is when the defendant pleads guilty to a charge and then if the defendant does certain things within an agreed-upon time, the case will be dismissed.  Diversion, requires no plea – the defendant never has to plead guilty to anything.

The Best Deal You Can Get

Diversions are very rare.  Prosecutors hate doing them and in most cases a prosecutor will not agree to it.  Nonetheless, there are exceptions to every rule and your case may be one of those that will persuade a prosecutor to enter into the diversion agreement with you.  A diversion is really the best deal you can get absent a straight up dismissal, because you will have no criminal record as a result of a diversion agreement.

Immigration Consequences

If you are an illegal immigrant, legal resident, or otherwise have a visa to reside in the United States and have been charged with a crime there are almost always negative immigration consequences involved if you have a criminal conviction on your record.  A diversion can help you avoid those negative consequences because it does not constitute a criminal conviction.

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