Criminal Defendants Shouldn’t Represent Themselves

Some Reasons Why Utah Criminal Defendants Should Have a Lawyer

Virtually no person charged with a crime, such as marijuana possession, wants to pay the legal fees for a good Utah criminal defense lawyer.  Many people view paying for a lawyer as wasted money and most criminal defendants want free representation.  Many people are indigent and do qualify for free legal representation, but many others do not.  People who are not poor enough to qualify for free legal representation should always hire a criminal defense lawyer if they are faced with the possibility of going to jail or prison.

The unfortunate truth is that no matter a criminal suspect’s intelligence or educational background, the criminal justice system makes it nearly impossible to do a good job of self-representation.  Each criminal case is unique, and only a Utah criminal defense lawyer who is experienced can provide the type of representation a criminal suspect needs to protect his or her rights. This why even lawyers hire other lawyers to represent them in a criminal trial.

Serious Utah Crimes Especially Need Legal Representation

The brave few in Salt Lake, Ogden, Provo, or other Utah cities who do decide to represent themselves in a criminal trial can always hire a criminal defense lawyer if they feel they are in over their heads.  Sometimes defendants will choose to represent themselves in the hopes of obtaining a speeding resolution with the prosecutor, and will hire a lawyer if they cannot obtain the resolution they were hoping to receive.

Criminal defendants may not always need to get legal representation for less serious criminal charges such as traffic violations.  The more severe the charge, however, the more likely one should hire a Utah criminal defense lawyer.  Criminal defendants charged with serious misdemeanors and felonies should rarely be without one.

The Best Utah Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you live in Salt Lake, Ogden, Provo, or anywhere else in Utah, and you have been charged with a criminal offense, call a lawyer from Salcido Law Firm. A criminal defense lawyer from Salcido Law Firm will represent you for any criminal charge and will tell you up front how much representation will be so there are no hidden costs to you.  Call 801.618.1334 for you free consultation with a Utah criminal defense lawyer.

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