Craigslist Censors “Adult Services” Section

Craigslist Removes Adult Services Access

For the past several months, Craigslist has been battling local, state, and federal authorities over its “adult services” sections on its websites. Many law enforcement agencies have argued that Craigslist was complicent in, promoted, and facilitated prostitution and internet sex crimes through its adult services links. Much of the attention over Craigslist’s adult services section came following the now infamous “Craigslist Killer,” who murdered a woman he met after responding to her craigslist erotic services ad.

Utah’s Response to the Craigslist Issue

Following the Craigslist Killer incident, many attorney generals around the nation, including Utah’s attorney general, demanded Craigslist remove its adult services links. Shortly thereafter, 42 states and Craiglist signed an agreement to remove all adult content. However, Craigslist took few steps initially to remove any content. Recently, the Craigslist Killer committed suicide in prison. This brought increased negative attention to the Craigslist issue and recently several attorney generals demanded Craigslist remove the adult services section immediatly. Feeling the heat, this week Craigslist removed all access to its adult services links and replaced the link with a “Censored” bar.

Internet and Sex Crimes – Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer

Authorites in Utah run many task forces designed to track, charge, and arrest individuals engaged in internet and sex crimes. Many individuals who are not seeking to break any laws find themselves entrapped by these authorities. Therefore, of course, it is best to avoid any activity on the internet that could possibly be considered a violation of any interent or sexual statute. If you or someone you know has been charged with an internet crime, sex crime, or related offense, contact the Utah Criminal Defense Lawyers at Salcido Law Firm today. 801-893-1787.

At Salcido Law Firm, we strongly believe all individuals are innocent until proven guilty. We also understand that officials often over steps their bounds and entrap those who have no intent to commit crimes online. Call us today.

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