Couple Steals Grandparent’s Silverware

A 22-year-old Salt Lake woman and her 30-year-old boyfriend were living with the woman’s grandparents, when some things started to go missing. The grandparents first noticed missing silverware back in November, and then a number of other things turned up gone as well. In total the missing property totals around $4,000. The property was later located on a database of items sold at pawn shops, but the items had already been sold. Eventually the granddaughter and her boyfriend admitted to stealing the property and selling it to the pawn shops, they have been charged with third-degree felony theft.

Utah Theft Laws

A simple criminal concept like theft, has blossomed into a very thorough and complex statutory scheme. Theft laws differ on how the theft was committed (deception, extortion, lost property, etc…) and the severity of the charge is based on the value of the stolen items. For example, in the case above the granddaughter and her boyfriend are being charged with third degree felonies because the value of the goods stolen was in between $1,500 and $5,000. If the value was over $5,000 then they would be facing second degree felonies. Although, the idea behind theft can be pretty simple, don’t take what is not yours, the criminal charges associated with theft can get very complicated and very severe, quickly.

Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

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