Children of Divorce Negatively Impacted by Parents’ Mobile Devices

A study at Arizona State University suggests that divorced parents who relocate more than 1 hour away after their divorce increases the likelihood that their children will suffer various psychological disorders.  The instability trigger insecurity and increases the risks commonly associated with children of divorce including drug usage and sexual promiscuity.

Technology has helped to alleviate in some manner the problems that can be caused by relocation.  Smartphones and tablets that run FaceTime and Skype are ways for kids to get face to face time with a parent who may live too far away to have continual meaningful visits.

Mobile devices, however, can have a very negative impact on children of divorce.  According to one study parents check their smartphone and tablet devices more than 150 times a day.  This becomes especially important in the lives of children of divorce because they are already missing time with their parents (one week on one week off; only weekends; every other holiday) and now that parents are so involved with their mobile devices they are missing time with their kids in that way as well.  Failing to look a child in the eye while talking to them creates a detached relationship.  Children need the full attention of their parents so that they can appropriate learn how to develop emotional connections.

Quality parent-child time is the most important factor in developing bonds that will last and mobile devices are interfering with that quality time in an alarming manner.  Even when parents are communicating constantly with their children but are doing so via text message rather than real interpersonal face-to-face interaction, the communications become ineffective.  There is simply no substitute for real physical presence between parent and child to properly develop children.

You may have concerns about how divorce will affect your children.  Although divorce may inevitable in your situation, you can do certain things to help your child develop properly.

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