Child Protective Orders

Salt Lake City Utah Child Protective Order Defense Attorney

In Utah there is a procedure for obtaining a protective order on behalf of a child to protect that child from physical and/or sexual abuse.  At Salcido Law Firm we are experienced Utah criminal defense attorneys with extensive experience in defending individuals against child protective orders brought against them.

Child Protective Orders Used as Vendettas

Unfortunately, the child protective order process is often abused by individuals who have a vendetta against someone.  This can be the father of the child who brings a child protective order against the mother’s new boyfriend.  It can be the step-mom who brings the child protective order against the ex-wife.  There are any number of scenarios in which the child protective order process can be used as a weapon against someone else.

Fortunately, Salcido Law Firm can spot an abuse of process and tailor your defense to such a situation.  We are as interested in protecting you against an abusive child protective order as you are.

The Ex Parte Child Protective Order

One thing you should know about child protective orders is that a temporary order, known as an ex parte child protective order, can be issued without you even being present to defend yourself.  Such orders last for 20 days and then you will have an opportunity present evidence in your defense at a hearing.  It is at this hearing that you will want the experience of a Salcido Law Firm attorney.  If the protective order is issued on a permanent basis you are at risk of being charged criminally, so it is important that you have competent counsel like the lawyers at Salcido Law Firm.

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