Candy Weed and Smiles | New Designer Drugs in Utah

Spice and bath salts hit the streets in Utah a few years ago and law enforcement agencies and the state legislature were relatively quick to react. Spice became a huge seller and smoke shops everywhere for a short period of time were selling the substance like crazy and making a lot of money in the process. All kinds of people bought into the spice craze and more and more clients starting calling us after having run-ins with the law over spice and other substances. The obvious big attraction to the product was that it was “legal marijuana,” however, that wasn’t entirely accurate. While most forms of spice, bath salts, and related substances were at one time not listed as controlled substances in Utah and being sold in smoke shops across the state, today many of these designer drugs, if not most, are illegal. However, chemists and synthetic drug producers, often overseas in eastern European countries and southeast Asia, are producing new types of chemical substances with similar effects to skirt the newly enacted spice laws. The latest new substances out their hitting the market are the designer drugs known as smiles and an even newer marijuana type substance known as candy weed.


The chemical compounds for smiles are still relatively unknown but authorities suspect smiles may be part of a class already banned on the controlled substance list here in Utah. While many substances are clearly illegal, some others legality is questionable. If you find yourself facing a drug charge for a spice or bath salt related substance, make sure you speak with a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney at our office before doing anything else.

Candy Weed

Candy weed is new substance just being introduced into Utah. Candy weed is a synthetic THC compound mixed with sugar and other baking products to make little candy squares, brownies, and other similar products. Authorities are especially concerned about this reported substance because of the potential appeal to younger users and the ease with which the product can be consumed and dispersed as it requires no smoking to get high. While we are yet to see any cases of drug charges against individuals found with candy weed, we are certain police officers will start making arrests and issuing citations for these products. Even before spice was technically made illegal officers were citing and arresting people who possessed, distributed, or otherwise dealt with the drug. Because you may not be guilty of any crime, you should absolutely call a Utah Drug Defense Lawyer if you are accused, charged, or cited.

Salt Lake City Drug Defense Attorney

Whether you are cited for spice, bath salts, candy weed, smiles, or anything else, we can help. We represent individuals all over the state with any type of drug charge. Call and speak to a Salt Lake City Drug Defense Attorney at our office now to find out more. You may have been arrested for possessing a substance that is technically not even illegal. If that is so, we will work hard to see your case is dismissed or resolved in the best way possible. Pick up the phone now and give us a call.

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