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Stay Out of Jail With a Lawyer

Most people in Utah charged with a crime are primarily concerned with staying out of jail.  Being sentenced to jail affects an individual’s life in many different ways.  Family life is disrupted, there is a negative societal stigma associated with jail, and job security is threatened.  A person convicted of a crime will usually be charged a monetary fine in addition to any other punishments imposed by the court but if a person is in jail and loses employment, it makes it nearly impossible for that person to pay a fine too.  In most circumstances, it is best for an individual to not be sentenced to jail. A Utah criminal defense attorney can help individuals avoid jail by effectively arguing before a judge why jail time would make a criminal defendant’s situation worse.

Many Convictions Don’t Result in Jail

In most cases, a judge is given wide discretion in the amount of jail time imposed upon a person.  There are cases, however, such as violent crimes and multiple criminal offenses, that require a judge to sentence a person to minimum amounts of incarceration.  In most individuals’ situations though, crimes such as marijuana possession and retail theft can be resolved without people spending time in jail, as long as they have a Utah criminal defense attorney on their side.

Without a Utah criminal defense attorney, criminal defendants may not receive the best deal possible in court.  People without a lawyer often plead guilty to a more serious crime and receive a harsher sentence than if they had a lawyer defending their criminal rights.  A Utah criminal defense attorney from Salcido Law Firm knows how to work with a prosecutor and judge to ensure a criminal defendant receives the best outcome possible.  This usually includes no jail time.  Overall, it is always best for anyone facing a criminal charge to have a lawyer on his or her side.

Let SLF Keep You Out of Jail

If you have been charged with any criminal offense in Utah, from theft to murder, contact a Utah criminal defense attorney from Salcido Law Firm.  A SLF lawyer will work hard to protect your rights and in most cases, will help you avoid any jail time.  Consultations with a lawyer are free so contact Salcido Law Firm by calling 801.413.1753 today.

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