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Many Marriages End Because of Third Parties

All marriages have difficult times.  It is very difficult for some people to work through martial issues.  The difficulties may be too much for people to handle causing them to end the marriage through a divorce.  Dealing with marital problems privately can be very difficult.  Dealing with marital problems in the public spotlight must be even more difficult.  The former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his wife are currently going through the difficulty of resolving marital problems in the public spotlight.

It was revealed this week that Schwarzenegger, a notorious womanizer, fathered a child with his family’s housekeeper 14 years ago.  Schwarzenegger and his wife separated a few weeks ago and now it is understood why they did.  They now have to deal with a crumbling marriage in the eye of the public.  If Schwarzenegger’s wife lived in Utah then she may be able to sue Schwarzenegger’s mistress for monetary damages under the doctrine known as alienation of affections.  A Utah family law attorney helps with these types of suits.

Alienation of Affections

The tort of alienation of affections allows someone to sue a third party for maliciously intervening or negligently intervening in a marriage to undermine and destroy the marriage.  Alienation of affections suits are usually brought because of adultery but sexual misconduct is not the only activity that is found to destroy a marriage.

The Utah Supreme Court has said the purpose of alienation of affections lawsuits is the protection of “the foundation of a marriage and give rise to the unique bonding that occurs in a successful marriage.” Those “whose malicious interventions have destroyed marital bonds have been held liable for alienation of affections.”

Utah Family Law Attorneys Handle Alienation of Affections Cases

Divorce because of something such as infidelity can be very hard and emotionally draining.  Luckily, there may be a little bit of help to those going through a divorce because of alienation of affections.

If your marriage ended because of the actions of a third party call a Utah family law attorney from the Salcido Law Firm.  A Salcido Law Firm lawyer will work with you through your divorce and evaluate whether an alienation of affections lawsuit could benefit you.  Call 801.810.5348 to speak with a Utah family law attorney and set up your free consultation.

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