Utah New Year Bankruptcy Filings

Make Your Goal Of a Fresh Start

We’re in the Holiday season and most people are thinking about the fat turkey or ham they will be cooking, gifts, treats, and being with family.  Unfortunately, during this time of year many are also worried about how to make the next payment on their mortgage or credit cards or where their next paycheck will come from.

There is no need to feel hopeless although it may seem that things will not and never can get better.  That is simply not the truth.  Our Utah bankruptcy attorneys are here to help.  With a Chapter 13 or 7 bankruptcy we can get you the fresh start that you are looking for and for which you have possibly made a new year’s resolution.

What Can Bankruptcy Do For You?

The new year is the best time for you to start fresh by liquidating your debt. Imagine starting the new year out without the pressing debt that has been hanging over your head for years.  We can get you started.  Bankruptcy will allow you to get rid of your credit card debt and most other debts so that you can once again make a living without wondering if you should pay your debt bills or buy your family food.

A Free Consultation to Get Started

The first step to filing for bankruptcy is to sit down with one of our attorneys.  It’s as easy as that.  Schedule an appointment with us so you can sit down and we can help you understand the process.  You’ll be happy you did.

Our bankruptcy lawyers have years of experience helping people just like you and the entire process can generally be completed in just a couple of months.  Once you hire us we take care of everything until your debts are discharged and you are back on the path to financial freedom.