Utah Legislature Preparing for Its Annual Infringement on Our Rights

It’s that time of year again, the time when the Utah State Legislature is preparing to sit in session for a couple of months with the sole purpose of taking away our liberties and infringing on our rights. Is that too rough? Nah. When you look at the proposed laws that the Legislature is considering this session (and every session for that matter) it’s tough to come to a different conclusion.  Just look at some of these proposed new laws here.

Just once it would be nice to see someone run for a house or senate seat in the state Legislature who would commit to repealing laws rather than proposing more and more laws.  Nonetheless, we can expect another plethora of useless laws that simply make it harder and more expensive to live.

Check back frequently as Salcido Law Firm analyzes some of the specific laws that are up for debate this session.  We’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of these laws, the reason for their proposal, and the likely consequences of their implementation.

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