Utah Lawyers Defending Your Rights Against Dangerous Drug Injuries

We are finding that more and more individuals are calling us regarding injuries resulting from dangerous drugs and harmful pharmaceuticals.  We are also finding that more of our clients are young persons who have had their life turned upside down by the drug.  Some young people are suffering from heart attacks in their twenties and developing other types of illnesses.

At Salcido Law Firm we cannot deny the benefit of modern medicine, but at the same time we believe that the FDA and pharmaceutical companies are not doing their due diligence or properly protecting the consumer from the preventable injuries that are so often caused by pharmaceutical drugs.

Salt Lake, Provo, Ogden Medication Injury Attorneys

The attorneys at the law offices of Salcido Law Firm play a crucial role as a defense for the individual against the dangers that the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies miss in producing medications and drugs.  By defending individual rights of victims who have been injured we help keep the pharmaceutical companies accountable for their actions and their products.  Just the threat of being sued for defective products instills in the pharmaceutical companies the desire to produce good products that do not injure people.

The problem is that responsibility for producing good products has been shifted to the government through the FDA.  Now, all a company has to do is make a product that the FDA approves, but the FDA is composed of humans who err so there is no guarantee that any drug which passes FDA approval is a good product.  In fact, because the FDA is a government agency it is apt be more incompetent than any similar private organization.  This has been proven time and again as the FDA approves dangerous drugs all the time.

We Will Protect You

Although you cannot rely on the FDA you can rely on the law firm of Salcido Law Firm to protect you.  If you have been injured by a harmful drug, call our Utah personal injury lawyers at 801.413.1753.