Utah Highway Patrolman Hit in Accident

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Every year in Utah, especially during the winter, there are several Utah Highway Patrolmen that are hit by negligent drivers. Highway patrolman take a real risk every time they stop a vehicle in bad weather. Drivers should take care to slow down when passing pulled over vehicles and highway patrolmen. The team of personal injury and accident lawyers at our law office, caution all Utahans to slow down and take caution when passing other vehicles in snowy conditions. If you have been involved in an accident, call us today for more information.

Patrolmen Hit in Recent Weeks

This last week, there were two highway patrolmen who were hit after while stopped behind a stopped car. The most recent incident happened just after 5am on Monday when a car slid into a tow truck pushing the truck into a highway patrol car. The trooper was parked on the median on I-15 just outside of Willard. There was a substantial amount of snow on the road at the time of the accident, the driver failed to slow down behind the tow truck which was stopping to arrive at the scene with the trooper.

Monday’s accident came just a day after another highway patrolman was hit on the on ramp of 4500 south and I -15. Said patrolman was also assisting a driver who had slid off the road. Just a couple of weeks ago, UHP held a press conference to warn the public about looking out for trooper’s safety on the highways. Last year, there were over 27 cases in which troopers were hit. This year there has already been several incidents and we are on track to surpass last year’s unfortunate statistic.

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