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Power of Attorney Law in Utah

Utah power of attorney
A power of attorney is an effective means to protect yourself in many cases.

Generally speaking, a power of attorney is a document that gives another person the authorization to legally act on another’s behalf. You may limit the authority you grant to another or you may grant full powers to another. A power of attorney is a very effective instrument in the estate planning process. This type of legal document can be very useful for individuals who cannot or do not want to manage certain estate affairs. Also, a power of attorney can be very beneficial in the parent/child relationship. Many individuals in the military will use powers of attorney so that friends or family can manage their affairs while they are serving abroad.

There are numerous reasons why someone would want to grant either a limited or general power of attorney to another individual. Some common examples of such reasons are:

  • Financial Decisions.
  • Medical Decisions (such as in a living will).
  • Parenting rights.

A power of attorney ends whenever you, the grantor, say it ends in the document, or upon your death. A power of attorney will also automatically end if you become incompetent. There is no way to extend a power of attorney past your death.  The Power of Attorney can be beneficial for estate planning purposes.  There may be decisions that you or a loved one feel will be better made by someone who is in a position of trust with you and your family.  In such situations a Power of Attorney may be exactly what you need.

There are also statutory prohibitions that apply to powers of attorney of which you should be aware.

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