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Health care directives and living wills
Health care directives and living wills are estate planning tools used to make medical decisions when one becomes incapacitated.

Health care directives and living wills are declarations that direct the kind of medical care a person wants in the event that person suffers from a terminal condition. Most people understand this document as giving a person the ability to withhold or withdraw life-prolonging procedures; a person may also execute health care directives or living wills expressing that he or she wants life-prolonging procedures. This prevents family members from getting permission to withdraw life support even though there may not be a written declaration stating that life support should be withdrawn.

There are many benefits to family members from the execution of a living will. For instance, having a valid living will in place removes the decisions from family members who may be conflicted on the best course of action.

Utah law requires certain provisions for living wills to be valid. For this reason, it is important that you consult an experienced Utah health care directives lawyer before executing this type of agreement. The Utah estate planning attorneys at Salcido Law Firm can draft a living will the accurately reflects your desires.  We will sit down with you to determine your desires and interests and then take the time to put together a solid living will and health care directive that includes exactly what you want.  We know that living wills are not something that anyone really wants to deal with, but it is a necessity.  We never know what can happen to us or a loved one at anytime.

There isn’t a better firm for you to meet with to take care of your heath care directives and living wills.  For more information or to get your living will today, call anytime at 801.413.1753 or toll free at 888.337.3235. Or contact us by email.  We will set up a time for you to meet with us as soon as possible.