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St. George Family Lawyer | Cedar City

St. George and all of Southern Utah is a very family friendly place to live. We have an office in St. George and represent individuals and families in all types of domestic issues such as divorce, custody, prenups, DCFS actions, etc. We enjoy fighting for families and provide free consultations with a St. George Family Lawyer in our office. The Fifth District Court has several judges who preside over family law matters. Unlike other parts of the state, there are no court commissioners appointed in the Fifth District so all of the motions, hearings, and matters are resolved by the assigned judge. Recently, a few new judges were appointed in St. George all of whom have a great background in family law.

One key to success in your divorce is retaining counsel who is familiar with the local court dealings and procedures. We have the local experience and knowledge it takes to make sure you get the best possible chance of meeting your goals. Our Southern Utah Divorce Attorneys represent individuals from Beaver and Cedar City, to Hurricane and St. George. We also handle family legal matters in Kanab, Panguitch, Moab, and everywhere in between. No matter how complex your particular domestic case may be, we can help. We look forward to helping you.

Filing for Divorce in St. George and Cedar City

If you have never been through the divorce process before, filing for divorce in St. George and Cedar City can be tricky without proper representation. You will need to file a divorce petition setting forth everything you are asking for in the matter. You will then need to have your soon to be ex served with a copy of the paperwork including the divorce petition and summons, as well as other initial documents depending on the circumstances. If your spouse contests the divorce petition, you should seriously consider calling our office to take it from there. Having a qualified divorce lawyer represent you in a divorce can help to ensure everything is done correctly, no mistakes, and can save you time and stress in the process. Contact us for more information.

Immediate Help in Southern Utah

Often, a divorce carries with it emergency circumstances where a party needs to request a protective order, get access to a home or financial accounts, or perhaps restrain the other party from some type of action. At Salcido Law Firm, we help individuals filing for divorce seek immediate help when necessary. The family law system in Utah is designed to protect families and children so if you have any immediate concerns, let us help. Some people make the mistake of believing their spouse can harm them if they seek divorce or temporary orders. Do not let fear guide your decision making process. Meeting with a St. George Divorce Lawyer at our firm can help give you perspective and objectivity in your approach. To file for temporary orders, protective orders, or to otherwise get immediate help, pick up the phone and call us now a (801) 413-1753.