Utah Courts Change Civil Lawsuit Rules

New Rule Aimed at Accessibility

The Utah Supreme Court has amended the court rules changing the layout of how civil lawsuits are to be filed and how they will proceed. A committee was set up of people connected to the legal field, and the committee focused on making the legal process more open to those who could not afford legal counsel. Before this rule change all civil suits were treated the same regardless of the damages. So a case that was trying to recover $10,000 was treated the same as one that was trying to recover $1 million.

Costs of Litigation

One of the changes this new rule makes is the time frame that is allowed for discovery. Discovery is the process by which the attorneys obtain the evidence of the case. Discovery is normally a very long process because an attorney wants to make sure he has every speck of evidence about the case as to be able to put forth the best arguments and protect against malpractice claims. This new rule, however, tries to limit attorneys fees by limiting the time of discovery. This way only the most important facts are unearthed and malpractice concerns are mitigated. The new rule separates claims on a 3 tier system based on the amount of damages they are seeking, and then different rules applies to each tier.

Utah Personal Injury Attorney

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