Utah Car Crash Results in Toyota Lawsuit

First U.S. Suit of Toyota Over Faulty Car

Earlier this year a lawsuit was filed based on a Utah car crash that killed two people. In November 2010, Paul Van Alfen was exiting I-80 in Wendover, Utah and was approaching a traffic light. As Van Alfen attempted to brake his car did not slow and he drove through an intersection and crashed head-on into a rock wall. Although Van Alfen had his gas pedal replaced after reports of it sticking, his brake override had not yet been replaced and the accusations against Toyota are that the faulty brakes were the cause of the accident. The case that is being filed in California will likely be the first in a string of lawsuits against Toyota based on accidents from across the country. The attorney for the families of the deceased believes that this will be a good example for the cases to come.

Tort Theories of Liability

The case above illustrates two possible theories of liability, one based on wrongful death and the other product liability. A wrongful death suit is based on the negligence of one party causing the death of another. These suits are brought on behalf of the deceased by the family and obviously involve very high damages. A products liability suit on the other hand is based on manufactures having the duty to provide safe products that are up to current standards. In this example the theory of the case would be that Toyota provide Van Alfen with a faulty or defective automobile that caused the death of the two individuals.

Utah Personal Injury Attorney

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