Utah Bus Touring Company Installs Seatbelts on Buses

Seat belts are mandatory in many vehicles including all cars and trucks. Seatbelts are not mandatory however on buses and many other touring vehicles. Notwithstanding, there is little argument that seatbelts in buses can save many lives. Many people have advocated for seatbelts in school buses particularly. Over the years there have been many accidents involving school buses and coach buses as well. A bus that flips over or is involved in a serious accident can lead to many unfortunate injuries or even deaths. One Utah Company, All Resort Group, out of Park City has taken measure to install seat belts in their buses. Park City buses are especially prone to accidents because of the harsh winters and icy roads up in the mountains. Everyone knows Park City is a famous ski destination and many individuals ride these touring buses all over the Summit County area. Seatbelts on these buses may prevent deaths and injuries in the future.

National Statistics on Seatbelts

National statistics on seatbelts show that individuals who are buckled up are 50% more likely to survive a crash if they are wearing their seatbelts. The question here becomes how many of these passengers on buses will take the advice of the company and actually lock up. Statistics also show that in today’s world, the majority of individual use seatbelts regularly. Not very many bus companies use seatbelts, there are added costs to installing the equipment but the benefits could be significant and the Park City company has been receiving a lot of positive press as a result.

Utah Personal Injury Attorney

At Salcido Law Firm, we congratulate All Resort Group for taking this action to help keep Utah residents and our tourist safer on the road. We see many accidents each year where a seatbelt could have prevented a driver or passenger’s death. We caution all drivers to wear their seat belts especially as winter approaches and we see an increase in accidents on Utah roads. If you are involved in an accident due to another’s fault, speak with a Utah Personal Injury Attorney at our firm today.

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