What Do I Lose in bankruptcy?

What do I lose in bankruptcy?

What do I lose in bankruptcy
You don’t have to lose everything in bankruptcy. Consult with one of our lawyers to find out more.

The simple answer, no.  In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding there is what is known as “exempt” property and “non-exempt” property.  The non-exempt property is subject to liquidation, that is, it will be sold and the proceeds will go to your creditors.

The exempt property is property that you will be able to hold onto in spite of your filing bankruptcy.  Whether property is exempt or not depends on state law.  So, in Utah, there is a long list of exempt property, including your home appliances, home furniture, beds and bedding, clothing – you know, the type of personal property that nearly everyone owns and which is needed to live a normal life – cars worth no more than $2,500 which you own free and clear, and even your house if you have no more than $20,000 of equity in the home if you are single or $40,000 if you are married.

So what do I lose in bankruptcy? Well, if you have a really nice car that is paid off, you’ll have to give that up.  You’ll also have to sell your investments like stocks and bonds to help pay back your creditors.  But all in all, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a great option because it leaves you with what you need to start a new life and get back on a debt-free financial path.

Want to Hold on to Your Non-Exempt Property?

The question what do I lose in bankruptcy becomes much different when related to a chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.  Although you cannot hold on to your non-exempt property in a Utah Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you generally can hold on to that property in a chapter 13 bankruptcy if you comply and successfully finish your payment plan.  A chapter 13 bankruptcy may be right for you if you have a steady income and a significant amount of assets which you want to keep.

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