Stop Judgments

You can Stop Judgments with a Utah Bankruptcy

Stop judgments and start fresh.
The filing of a bankruptcy in Utah can stop judgments brought against you.

Bankruptcy law is powerful.  It is one of the only things that can stop a lawsuit and that can stop judgments.  Not even death can do that.  You see, when you file for bankruptcy you have the protection of the all powerful automatic stay.  That means that all creditors and anyone else who is legally trying to get money from you have to stop their collection efforts, including lawsuits.

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Get Your Life Back on Track

Creditors will stop at nothing to get every cent you owe them regardless of your personal circumstances.  The only thing they will stop for is bankruptcy.  It does not matter if you have been in litigation for two days or two years.  The automatic stay will cut the lawsuit short and the creditor who sued you will have to stand in line like everybody else in the bankruptcy court.  Creditors will sue you in a second to get what is legally theirs, but you can stop their lawsuits the moment you file for a Utah Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Similarly, if you have a judgment against you a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can free you from that judgment.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy can even get rid of a wage garnishment judgment.  No longer will you have to sit back and watch your hard earned money disappear with each paycheck.

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