Utah Stop Garnishment Lawyer

Creditors Will Garnish Wages

It can be disheartening to see a hard earned paycheck diminished because of taxes taken out of it from the government.  It’s even worse to see one’s paycheck diminished even further due to agitating wage garnishments.  Most Americans depend on their hard worked wages to pay for the necessities of everyday living.  If even small portions of these wages are taken to pay creditors, it creates a nearly unlivable situation for individuals and families.  Even before one has his or her paycheck, the money is already gone.  It’s not gone because they spent it though; it’s gone because creditors have legally taken it even before the debtor has had a chance to see it.  This is why individuals should seek help from the bankruptcy and debt relief attorneys of Salcido Law Firm.

Creditors will use wage garnishment as a way to obtain their money.  When someone fall behinds on any type of debt payment and a creditor fails to receive payment after continually trying to contact the debtor, the creditor may ask the court to garnish the debtor’s wages.  Creditors do this by suing the debtor on the debt owed.  Often times debtors don’t even understand they are being sued and that the result of the lawsuit can be a garnishment of wages.  Unfortunately, the debtor realizes that a garnishment has been granted when payday reveals a smaller than usual pay check.

Wages Can be Protected

If you are faced with the sad dilemma of wage garnishment or think that your creditors will pursue the garnishment of your wages through lawsuits, call the experienced Salt Lake City based attorneys from the Salcido Law Firm debt relief agency.  Our attorneys are patient and understanding.  They will discuss the many available options that you have to keep from losing your wages or, if you have your wages garnished already, how to obtain your full hard earn money once again.

Wages can often be protected through the bankruptcy process by filing for either a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.   Once wage garnishment has begun, however, it is usually not possible to retrieve wages that have been taken through the garnishment procedure, so call us today at 801.413.1753.