Stop Creditor Harassment

Stop Creditor Harassment by Filing for Bankruptcy Protection

If you want to stop creditor harassment, call Salcido Law Firm.
Stop creditor harassment through the filing of a bankruptcy petition in Utah.

If you have fallen behind in your bills chances are you are receiving repeated phone calls and mailings from creditors who are trying to get the money you owe them.  Such creditors care little for what you are going through financially and are concerned only with recovering every cent you owe them. Stop creditor harassment with our firm’s help.

The bankruptcy attorneys of Salcido Law Firm can help you stop creditor harassment that is plaguing your life.  The moment Salcido Law Firm files a bankruptcy petition on your behalf all creditors must cease their collection efforts.  That means no calls, no mail, nothing.

The reason bill collectors will stop their collection efforts after you file for bankruptcy protection is because of the powerful automatic stay.  The automatic stay is the law and it forces all creditors to stop collection efforts, and if they don’t, the bankruptcy court can impose penalties and sanctions on them for breaking the law.

You can rest assured that if a creditor continues to harass you after you have filed for bankruptcy Salcido Law Firm will take care of you.  You will not have to worry about dealing with such a creditor.  You simply tell us and we will protect you.

No More Phone Calls

By filing bankruptcy you can answer your phone without worrying whether another aggressive bill collector is on the other line.  You can check your mail without receiving a number of new “past due” notices threatening lawsuits if you do not pay your debts in full within a matter of days.

Bankruptcy really does provide a sense of peace to the debt-burdened individual because it can stop creditor harassment.

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Salcido Law Firm is an agency providing debt relief options.  Call us and we will discuss with you all your non-bankruptcy and bankruptcy options including how to stop creditor harassment.