Underinsured Insurance Policies

In a perfect system auto accident victims would be able to get all the coverage they needed from the at fault parties insurance every time. However that’s obviously not the reality of things. Often the person who caused the accident only has minimal insurance coverage and the maximum insurance payout only covers a small portion of the medical costs incurred. Fortunately there is a remedy for this and it is called Underinsured Insurance. A lot of people actually have an underinsured policy as part of their normal car insurance and may not even know it, but if you don’t it may be important to get a policy that does include it.

What Can Underinsured Insurance Do For You?

Undersinsured insurance is available to make sure you get sufficient coverage to take care of your medical costs regardless of how much insurance the other party in the accident has. It works like this: say you get in an accident and its the other guy’s fault. You call Salcido Law Firm to help make sure you get enough money to cover your medical costs and get the fair settlement you deserve, however, the other guy only has $50,000 in insurance coverage. In some accidents this wouldn’t be a problem, but in your accident you’ve accrued over $100,000 in medical expenses. So the first step is your attorney will reach a settlement with the other party’s insurance for policy limits meaning they are offering to pay you $50,000 which is the maximum amount they are required to pay under that policy. Then your attorney will turn to your own insurance and if you have an underinsured insurance policy you will be able to recover the rest of the money from them, up to the underinsured insurance policy limit.

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If you have been in a car accident then its important that you call Salcido Law Firm today to see if you could get help with your mounting medical bills. Our lawyers are experienced in the law and have worked with all the big insurance companies to obtain settlement for their clients and get them the relief they need. Call or email us today to find out more.

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