Trolley Square Lawsuit will go to Trial in Utah

Utah’s Trolley Square Incident

In 2007, 18 year old Sulejman Talovic went to the Trolley Square shopping center in Salt Lake City with a pistol-grip shotgun.  He shot and killed 5 people and wounded 4 others before he was killed by police.  He bought the shotgun from a local pawn shop.  It was one of the worst massacres in Utah’s history.

Lawsuits Brought against Utah Pawn Shop

Soon after the massacre, criminal charges were brought against the pawn shop owner and the employee who sold the gun.  The criminal charges were dropped but individuals who were wounded or had family members killed in the shooting brought a civil lawsuit against the shop stating it illegally sold a gun to Talovic.  Those individuals want the pawn shop to pay monetary damages for the wrongful deaths, personal injuries, and emotional harm that were caused from the shooting.

Shotguns can be legally sold to people in Utah who are 18 or older but the lawsuit of the Trolley Square victims is based on the question of whether the gun sold was a shotgun.  The gun sold by the pawn shop was assembled with a pistol-grip.  The lawyers for the victims bringing the suit claim that because of the pistol-grip, the gun was not a shotgun; therefore, the pawn shop should be liable for the shooting because they sold a gun to minor making it an illegal sale.  If the pawn shop had not failed in its duty to not sale guns to underage persons, the victims claim the shooting would have never taken place.

Utah Judge Rules Lawsuit Should go to Trial

Recently, a Utah judge has ruled that the lawsuit should go to trial for a jury to decide if the weapon was a shotgun.  This is an important ruling for the victims of the Trolley Square massacre bringing them one step closer to achieving their goal of holding the pawn shop liable for the shooting.

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