Traffic Crimes and the Driver’s License Point System in Utah

What Are the Driver’s License Point Thresholds?

The Utah Legislature has mandated that the Utah Driver’s License Division assign a point system to every moving violation and traffic crime.  The point system is then based on the following threshold:

  • At 150 to 199 points, the driver is sent a warning letter;
  • At 200 points, the driver must appear for a hearing;
  • At 200 to 299 points, the driver may be placed on probation or suspended for three months;
  • At 300 to 399 points, the driver is suspended for 3 months;
  • At 400 to 599 points, the driver is suspended for 6 months; and
  • At 600 or more points, the driver is suspended for 1 year.

What Are the Points Assigned to Moving Violations?

The Driver’s License Division determines what points are assigned to what moving violations.  Below is the point system the DLD has established as of the date of this article:

  • Reckless driving – 80 points
  • Speeding 1-10 mph – 35 points
  • Speeding 11-20 mph – 55 points
  • Speeding 21+ mph – 75 points
  • Failure to yield right of way – 60 points
  • Following too closely – 60 points
  • Wrong way on one-way street – 60 points
  • Running a red traffic light – 50 points
  • Running a stop sign – 50 points
  • Improper lookout – 50 points
  • Improper passing – 50 points
  • Improper turn – 50 points
  • Negligent collision – 50 points
  • Other moving violations – 40-60 points

When Do Points Drop Off and How Can I Clean My Driving Record?

The following rules apply in relation to how points fall off of your driving record:

  • If the driver takes a defense driving course, it will drop the total points by 50, but a driver can only do one defensive driving course every three years;
  • If the driver goes a year without having any moving violations, his total points will fall by 50%;
  • If the driver goes two years without any moving violation his driving record will be wiped clean and he can start over at zero points;
  • The points attached to any single traffic violation will drop off of the driver’s record after three years.

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